DownHall Books

DownHall Bookstore

Our shelves were packed to overflowing with great books, so we decided to open a bookstore! DownHall Books is just down the hall from the large lounge area on the library’s lower level. It houses a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction titles for sale at the usual book sale prices: .

This is an honor-managed store, so make sure you bring exact change.

DownHall details:

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  • Located on the Lower Level of the library (enlarge map)
  • ARRIVE BY ELEVATOR: Travel to the lower level, and when the doors open, boom—books!
  • BY STAIRS: At the bottom of the staircase, hook a hard right, pass the local history room, and head down the hall or ask someone at the Tech Desk for a nod in the right direction.
  • Books are priced at $2 for hardcovers and $1 for paperbacks.
  • An honor system cash box allows for cash/check payment and donations.
  • Broad selection: classics, genre fiction, bestsellers, over-sized books—you name it, it’s likely there.

Questions? Call or email our Friends Coordinator, Angela: 785-843-3833 x 149 or