Volunteering with FLPL is a great way to give back to the amazing Lawrence Public Library. Each hour worked generates around $23.80 for the Library! Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Fill out an application
Our application can be found here.

If you have any issues, contact Angela by phone or email.

ahyde@lplks.org ¦ 785.843.3833 ext. 149

2. Attend the New Volunteer Orientation
In orientation, you will learn about all the ways you can support the Library as a Friends volunteer. (1 hour)

3. Schedule training
After orientation, we’ll schedule you for a training session based on your interests. (1.5 hours)

4. Work with a mentor (optional)
Come in for your first volunteer session with a mentor available to answer any of your questions.

5. Volunteer when you can
Come in any time the Library is open and work as many or a few hours as your schedule allows.


If you love books and you love a treasure hunt, then you might want to join FLPL as a Scanner. Our scanners check donated books for value on Amazon. These volunteers work a flexible schedule and can donate as many or as few hours as they would like.

Being a Drop Box Attendant is a quick and easy volunteer opportunity for book lovers! We are looking for regular volunteers to empty our donation bin once per week. This volunteer may come in for as many or as few hours as desired. The typical intake volunteer works 1-2 hours.

If interested, Drop Box Attendants may also examine donations for quality and separate donations by rough category (e.g. fiction, non-fiction, children’s).

Our Subject Specialists ensure that we have quality books on our shelves at sale time. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to come in a few times each month to maintain their subject area by organizing and arranging donated items. The typical Subject Specialist works 1-2 hours each time they come in.

Congratulations to our 2019 Mary Dalton Murphy Award Winners, Lee Blackledge and Tom Hoffman! This award is given every year to volunteers who provide faithful, devoted, and valuable service to the Lawrence Public Library.